Charge Ministry Form

Charge Ministry Form

The purpose of this form is to understand more about congregational ministries across PCQ and to nominate any ministry areas where your church may need further support or encouragement. To save a draft of this form that you can resume at a later time you must be logged in as a user of this website. The login page has a link to register as a user if you have not already done so. NB: If you leave the website without saving the form you will lose your data. This form DOES NOT autosave. You must click the save draft link below to save the form at each stage. You can then return to this site, login, and continue completing the form.

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This form is to be completed by Local PCQ Charges. It is available for completion from 1 January of each new year, and is to be completed with the data pertaining to the preceding year. (e.g., if you’re completing this form in 2024 then you’ll be reporting on 2023.)

The data collected in this form will be used by the Outreach & Nurture Committee and other relevant persons in accordance with the PCQ Privacy Policy ( No personally identifying information (such as names and contact details) will be provided to the broader Church.

Click the following link to download a Checklist listing all information you need to complete this form: Charge Ministry Form Checklist

This form is compulsory for all Charges every year and must be submitted by 31 March for inclusion in the White Book presented at Assembly. Any field marked with ^ will not be included in the White Book.

All numbers entered should refer to typical attendance as whole (not decimal) numbers.

If you have any questions about this form, please contact Kate Mitchell 0419 110 130.

The calendar year that this report pertains to. Generally, this will be the previous year; e.g., if you are completing this form in 2024, then report on 2023.

Person Completing This Form

Details of the person completing the majority of this form.
Your Full Name; i.e., the first and last name of the person completing the form.
e.g., Minister, Session Clerk, Elder, Ministry Worker, etc.